Living Bitters

What are the benefits?

What is Living Bitters? Living Bitters is a potent natural health food tonic and great healer. It speeds up the natural cleansing of the entire system and improves intestinal absorption as it gently empties the colon. It cleans out old toxic matter and mucus from the body.

Our Esteemed Products for Your Health

Capital O2 Living Bitters®. PAWA O2®. G-Swedish Bitters®. Female Corrective Formula (FCF).

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  • Female corrective tonic

    I used your product and I loved it! It helped me

    Marlene Pizana
  • Great Swedish bitters

    This product show very go job in circulatory system. My veins were hurting and I had cystic Breast now I am free combine(Living Bitters and F.C.F)

  • Powerful stuff! Love it!

    I thought I would give the bitters capsule a try over the liquid bitters because I just have a tough time swallowing anything bitter. I must say that I am happy and satisfied with taking the capsules. When I first took it, in only 2 days I started to be cleansed by going to the bathroom then continued going everyday after that so it's still very effective and fast. I spoke with Rasheed when trying to make a decision and he treated me so good. He was very patient, nice and professional. Fast delivery too. I surely recommend this product!

    Keva Sterling


Capital O2 has won a number of National and International Awards for its outstanding and onerous contribution to the development of herbal medicine in Ghana. Among the lots are:
  • 7th Ghana – Africa Business Award – Silver Category

  • 7th Ghana – Africa Business Award – Gold Category

  • 2011

    Ghana Best Entrepreneur Herbal Services Award

  • Dubai (UAE) 2014

    World Conference of Business Award

    Dubai (UAE) 2014
  • London 2013

    ESQR’S Quality Achievements Award

    London 2013
  • New York Platinum – 2012

    International Award for Excellence and Business Prestige.

    New York Platinum – 2012
    Quality Summit
  • Brussels 2011

    European Society Award for Best Practices

    Brussels 2011
  • Paris 2011

    International Star for Leadership in Quality

    Paris 2011