Capital O2 Natural Health Company Limited

Capital O2 is the leading natural health company in Ghana.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide safe, quality and effective herbal medicines based on extensive research whiles making it accessible and affodable to customers worldwide.

Vision Statement

Our Vision is to become the leading producers of high quality, natural herbal remedies.


Company History

Products and Service

Living Bitters

The entire range of our Living Bitters® products contains a potent formula that clears accumulated (waste and toxins from the large intestines of the human system thereby enhancing general well-being) mucus and other toxins from the human system. It is the most popular of all the Company’s products that has also received numerous national and international awards and recognition. Living Bitters® is in its maturity stage, having first appeared on the market in 1990. It has metamorphosed into various sizes to ensure affordability by the majority of its users.

G-Swedish Bitters

G-Swedish Bitters® is a combination of a 26-potent herb formula that strengthens the heart and enhances blood circulation throughout the body. Regular usage may minimize occurrence of stroke, paralysis and high blood pressure, and also boosts the immune system.

Female Corrective Formula (FCF)

The Female Corrective Formula® is a herbal food supplement that is rich in Leonurus Cardioca, Hydrastis Canadensis and Vibumun Opulus that offers nutritional support for women.

Pawa O2®

Pawa O2® increases libido in men and women. The product restores full potency and treats waist, back and general body pains

Great Swedish Bitters

In addition to the above-mentioned products, the Company offers the following natural health clinical services:

  1. Clinical Consultation Services
  2. Laboratory Services
  3. Massage Therapy Services
  4. Pharmaceutical Services
  5. Gymnasium Services