Living Bitters Capsules
June 7, 2013

Living Bitters Tonic

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There are only few remedial herbs in the whole range of known therapeutic agents that can compare with the potency of Living Bitters.

What are the benefits of Living Bitters?

  • Normalizes the function of the heart, liver and kidneys.
  • Regulates menstrual flow and eliminates painful and irregular menstruation and also improves fertility in women.
  • Enhances sexual performance in men especially when taken with the Capital 02 Resurrection Formula o Removes mucous from the system, especially the chest, lungs, bowels and waist.
  • Helps one to slim naturally without any side effect and rejuvenates the body.

Living bitters is taken by millions of health conscious people world wide. Try it for yourself and benefit from its immense working power. You will discover the fact that no other ‘Bitters’ comes close to “Living Bitters”.

We know you have a choice. Just give it a try.


The entire range of our Living Bitters® products contains a potent formula that clears accumulated (waste and toxins from the large intestines of the human system thereby enhancing general well-being) mucus and other toxins from the human system. It is the most popular of all the Company’s products that has also received numerous national and international awards and recognition. Living Bitters® is in its maturity stage, having first appeared on the market in 1990. It has metamorphosed into various sizes to ensure affordability by the majority of its users.

Reviews (17)

17 reviews for Living Bitters Tonic

  1. Lightning


    This product really cleans you out; you can actually see it in your stool. It tastes bitter but I have been able to get used to it quite easily; some persons say that it tastes putrid though. The taste is easily removed by eating anything afterwards. If you cannot stand the taste, you can use the tablets, but they work slower than the liquid. It does not make everyone feel the same, but I definitely feel better; I feel more energetic and a bit happier to be honest. I highly recommend this product for anyone who cares about their health. This is my 1st one and I am sold; I will use Living Bitters Tonic for as long as I live!!! Grade: A+++

  2. T Dot

    Living extremely bitter

    This tonic works extremely well, however it taste extremely bitter! I’ve been using it for a few weeks and I am still not used to the taste, it is just nasty but again it works. I’ve also adjusted the frequency to which I use it. The bottle reads 2x a day but I use once every 2-3 days, I find that it works better for me.

    I definitely recommend this product if you are in the market for something like this.

  3. tricia

    it really works
    someone told me about this product, i must admit my first purchase( jan 2012 )was somewhere else too expensive. I was so happy when i saw it being offered on amazon for $13.00. Anyway this product works although it is really bitter, i had stomach problems i was bloated for some reason, after using living bitters i gradually saw my stomach shrink. There was extra bowel movement from the first day, i knew it was the product at work. one thing i did not expect that happened, my hair grew so long every one was asking me what i was using, i stopped using the product for a few months and had less hair growth and my stomach was bloated again. i decided after my recent purchase to continue using this product because it works my stomach is getting back to normal again. I recommend this product to all my lfriends

  4. Aunarue

    Wow! 🙂

    First time in my life that 1) I can poop on vacation 2) my poop doesn’t look like rabbit pebbles 3) my belly isn’t bloated & uncomfortable.
    I’m very happy :). Except it taste like cow s***, so my friend says, but I don’t care!!! :). The benefits are worth it. Wish I would have discovered it yeeeeeaaaarrrrs ago.

  5. ByMary WithLove

    It works…it really does!
    Lol surprisingly, the taste of it has grown on me. There’s no denying it….it is hella bitter! I like this product because it works and it’s not painful. When I used to use the ballerina tea, the pain would have me calling for God in languages I didn’t even know existed! The pain WAS REAL! But this tonic here, gives a courtesy call before showing up. Lol it’s like, “Hello, I’m on my way.” Haha It just eases on right out. Certainly will be purchasing it again.

  6. april r williams

    Not for me

    It was so gross I could only take 1 teaspoon ….I’m going to just stick to the pills they work fine and you could barely taste that after taste

  7. C-13

    It is an awesome product that can renovate your body functions to its …

    It is an awesome product that can renovate your body functions to its original childhood forms. It increases memory and attention, if taken in combination with appropriate food. Therefore, I think, it might not directly increase memory, but rather clean your system so well that the algebraic summation of accurate organ participation ultimately allowed your body to benefit from food, thus affecting your memory. It improves breathing, and hence increases the chance of deep sleep. You would go to toilet rather too frequently however, than you would love, and very very bitter, but completely bearable with increasing experience.

  8. monique deniro

    Amazing Results

    This compound of bitters is amazing. I have been on it for 3 days already and it is not just a great cleanse, but my energy level is up and I don’t feel tired. It is gentle, and while bitter, if you brush your teeth or use peppermint oil right away, the taste is gone. I love this product!!!

  9. reviewer

    A few years ago, I was using EOV Tonics, and I must say it worked very well, So I decided to give Living Bitter a try, since it was much cheaper. Well lets just say that once I finish this bottle, I will be buying another one

  10. jane je

    I was really amazed..

    I can’t believe how this product stood the test. I’d ask God to guide me to an all natural herbal product. While waiting to pay for my gas, I over heard a man telling a lady about something which seem interesting. He began to tell me about the Living Bitter & Moringa. “Never heard of it “. So he began to tell me the benefits of them. When I got home, I went on line to read the reviews to see for my self. I couldn’t believe what I read. When I ordered those products, I felt unsure if it was just another gimmick. When my package arrived, I still felt some what in doubt. When I used the Living Bitter, later that day, I was really amazed….. All those reviews I read, they’re all accurate. I’ve always felt good, but now I feels even better. Must Try It….. Greg

  11. Dani

    Tonic works better than the pill form

    Tonic works better than the pill form, tastes pretty nasty by you get over it quick. Gets the job done, amazingly the first week or so. Then, works not so amazing like any other. I take it a few times a week, especially if I’m about to have a gluten / dairy / protein- hard to digest meal.

  12. Keva Sterling

    Powerful stuff! Love it!
    I thought I would give the bitters capsule a try over the liquid bitters because I just have a tough time swallowing anything bitter. I must say that I am happy and satisfied with taking the capsules. When I first took it, in only 2 days I started to be cleansed by going to the bathroom then continued going everyday after that so it’s still very effective and fast. I spoke with Rasheed when trying to make a decision and he treated me so good. He was very patient, nice and professional. Fast delivery too. I surely recommend this product!

  13. chirs

    It tastes like death however

    It tastes like death however, it does exactly what it’s supposed to do! Hence the 5 star rating. I tried everything to quiet the taste but to no avail LOL

  14. Beck Brown

    Other than the taste its a very good product!

    This product is a mixture of aloes. Anybody who uses or has encountered the slightest taste of aloe knows that it is BITTER. I have been using this tonic off and on for several years and it does work. the only thing I will say is to take a fulvic mineral complex to replace the minerals and electrolytes you are loosing from the cleansing. Other than the taste its a very good product!

  15. DivaDay

    It works butt its bittttttttteeeerrrrrrrr.

    It works butt its bittttttttteeeerrrrrrrr. don’t underestimate the taste
    I usually take a shot of lemon and 16 ounces of water and the taste disappears fairly quickly

  16. Pedwee

    Very good product. Have recommended it to friends and they also loved it.

  17. karen

    Eliminated a parasite – I was shocked

    I took the product after getting a recommendation from a friend. I started taking it on a Thursday night expecting it to work over the weekend and continued taking it every night until Sunday night and Monday it started to work and I had to go to the bathroom 5 times that day. They were normal visits but after the 6th time I had to go I wondered what could possibly be left in my colon. I decided to look before flushing and saw a huge roundworm as big as a pencil in the toilet. I was frankly shocked to see this but if this could eliminate that parasite I am sold. I always keep a bottle of this in my house as an emergency treatment for if I eat dairy and it gives me gas or I have an intense gas pain in the shoulder. Take a shot glass of this whenever you have eaten something you think will upset your stomach and you will be fine the next day.

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