Capital O2 offers
Natural Health Clinical Services

Capital O2 Natural Health Company Limited provides natural health products and services that serve useful purposes in the health needs of people. The company employs the potential of natural herbs and their efficacy to manufacture herbal products that contribute to fighting and preventing many ailments and help users to achieve a state of optimum physical, mental and social wellbeing. The products are in tonic, capsule and powdered forms.

Living Bitters

The entire range of our Living Bitters® products contains a potent formula that clears accumulated (waste and toxins from the large intestines of the human system thereby enhancing general well-being) mucus and other toxins from the human system.

G-Swedish Bitters®

G-Swedish Bitters® is a combination of a 26-potent herb formula that strengthens the heart and enhances blood circulation throughout the body.

Female Corrective Formula (FCF)

The Female Corrective Formula® is a herbal food supplement that is rich in Leonurus Cardioca, Hydrastis Canadensis and Vibumun Opulus that offers nutritional support for women.

Super Veneral Capsules and Powder

Super Venereal® capsules and powder treats gonorrhea, syphilis, bilharzia, swollen testes and candidiasis in patients.


Capilaria® is a product for the treatment of malaria and contains Cryptolepis Sanguinolenta.

Capi Foid

Capi Foid® is an effective herbal remedy for typhoid fever.

Pawa O2®

Pawa O2® increases libido in men and women. The product restores full potency and treats waist, back and general body pains.

Capi Pile

Capi Pile® helps in the management of hemorrhages.

Capi Matism

Capi Matism® is used in the management of joint and general body pains.

Capi Dia

Capi Dia® is an effective adjuvant used in the management of uncontrolled high blood sugar.

Capi Sima

Capi Sima® is for the management of Upper Respiratory Tract infections and asthma in adults.

Capi B-Tonic

Capi B-Tonic® is a well-blended herbal formula to manage loss of appetite.

Capi Ulcer

Capi Ulcer ® is for the management of stomach ulcers and pains.

Capi Cough

Capi Cough® is a herbal medicine with a none sedative effective used in the management of cough.