Capital O2 offers
Natural Health Clinical Services

Our Services

Natural Health Clinical Services:

  1. Clinical Consultation Services
  2. Laboratory Services
  3. Massage Therapy Services
  4. Pharmaceutical Services
  5. Gymnasium Services

The company’s clinical consultation services begin from the OPD where the Clinic takes the vital statistics of patients for analysis and or observation and are referred to the medical herbalist who may request for a laboratory test where necessary. Based on the test results, the medical herbalist may prescribe medication and or physical exercise and other therapies.

There are also rescheduled visitations for effective reviews. In extreme cases, patients are briefly detained for observation and where the ailment is beyond the Company’s capacity to deal, referrals may become necessary. It is interesting for one to also note that conversely when orthodox chemical medication is unable to assist a patient, some doctors sometimes verbally (and thus unofficially) recommend herbal medication to the patient.

At the OPD, there are complementary medical equipment for massaging, scanning, aerobics and physiotherapy, supervised by a qualified nurse. These equipment make up our Massage Therapy services and include the Massage Cushion, the Foot Massager, Micro-computer Blood Circulation Device, Super Hand Acu-massager and the Micro Computer Fat Movement Machine.

The company’s pharmacy dispenses drugs and sometimes maintains stock for bulk purchasing of our herbal and natural health products. The pharmacy at the company’s Head Business Office is linked to all our sales outlets within the country and supplies them as a repository of our fast-moving product lines.

The Health and Fitness Centre commenced as a physical exercise gymnasium to develop patients’ muscles but has over time, developed into a full Health and Fitness Centre whose services include:

  • Weight management
  • Muscle structure development
  • Fitness maintenance
  • Elite fitness upgrade for footballers, athletes, boxers, weight lifters, etc.

The Centre offers health and fitness services to corporate institutions, students of tertiary institutions and even children.

These services create a competitive advantage for the Company as the leading natural health entity in Ghana. Our services are strategically prized, promoting free non-intensive medical screening and check-ups. Our competitors diagnose ailments and prescribe herbal remedies based on patient complaints, which can be unreliable most times.

Our laboratory services therefore uniquely fulfil the need for more scientific diagnoses of the ailments for which our products are to remedy. One of our competitive advantages has been the preparation and custody of herbal products under very strict hygienic conditions such as would ensure that the products themselves do not become medically liable.